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Traditional laser tattoo removal methods depend on the body to absorb
or carry the unwanted ink into other parts of the body creating possible
allergic reactions. Archaic laser methods are ink colour specific and can
cause scars, localized hair loss and burns and can require on average
of 12 to 24 sessions and be very costly.

The 123-TATTOO-FREE® system was developed and created by Tattoo artist Ron Hendon in USA, and is now exclusively available in South Africa through the Premier Training Academy. The 123-TATTOO-FREE® system removes tattoos in 1 to 3 sessions, utilizing a mild exfoliating formula and a virtually painless pinpoint abrasion process. There is no other method that actually removes the ink from the skin other than 123-TATTOO-FREE® which simply creates a mild irritation that causes the body to naturally reject the pigment and is washed off your skin after the treatment.

You will leave the training with ample knowledge and confidence to start working in the industry

right away. Students will do hands-on procedures on live models!

Continuous local and international support!

All our Permanent Make Up Courses are internationally accredited by the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics.

Pre-Requirements: Qualification in Skincare Therapy or Permanent Make Up of a Reputable Institution or Tattoo Artists

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