Your first step to improving your well-being and lifestyle.

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Why Nanolife

Your first step to improving your well-being and lifestyle.

SilverLogix opened in 2021 and was a vision that was derived from being a mother, myself, and consciously living in a world that was post-endemic.

Generally most people are struggling with their immunity and health. There is nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing your children battling with one infection after the next and all too often infecting the rest of the family at the same time.

The cycle of being on antibiotics and once healthy returning to school only to be re-infected again and again is all too common in our society.

This has an impact on all aspects of our lives, financially, emotionally and also in the cost of education that our children then need to catch up on which in turn has an emotional impact on their well-being.

I started to use Nano Silver products in my Salon on healing wounds and the results astounded me. I explored their other products and my family started to use various products including the immunity drops with incredible results.

Keeping inline with my vision and mission I sell Nano Silver products because I truly believe in it's healing qualities and their ability to improve a person's immunity, well-being and lifestyle.

Benefits of Our Products

Our product is non-cytotoxic (our product is not a solution of single silver particles but part of a complex compound formula.

The silver itself is non-oxidizing and the total molecule size which makes it to “large” to penetrate cell membranes.

Our product is Non-Staining (relevant to textile and other treated surfaces).

Our Nano Silver Complex products do not and cannot oxidise!

Our product does not agglomerate – meaning our products does not build lumps (like colloidal silver).

With special bindings, the complex’s molecules are in complete(d) bindings and is therefore in a stable inert state.

Provides a “galvanizing” effect with regards to the silver particles.

Our product is able to distributed properly!

The total size of the complex molecule is 300nm-500nm. This prevents the molecule from entering living cells and thus heavy metal enrichment inside cells is not possible.

The ability to destroy pathogenic proteins and proteinase is exponentially enhanced by the VERY structure of the compound elements in our technology, which forms a nano-matrix!

Our product is available in powder form, or as a liquid gel.

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