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I am Chelyn Bezuidenhout

I” have always been fascinated by the human anatomy and since I can remember, I wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I completed my studies at CUT where I obtained an international diploma as well as a degree (Cum Laude) in Somatology in 2008″


Premier Training Academy Bloemfontein

Our more than 30 years of experience is unmatched by any other company.

We are the world’s largest source for microblading, permanent makeup training, and the equipment. As pioneers in the development of safe, long-lasting, true-to-color microblading and permanent makeup pigments, our award-winning training and certification programs are what make us stand out.

We are the oldest and largest training and supply company in the makeup tattoo field. When it comes to makeup tattoo training and products, why wouldn’t you want the best? We are pioneers in pigment formulation and research and have been training beauty professionals for more than 25 years.
If you are looking for a certain procedure or training for makeup tattoos, we’re your No. 1 option. Your permanent makeup training and your care will be in the best hands. With us, our professionals are top quality and each one is very knowledgeable in the makeup tattoo field.
You can trust Premier Pigments with your care and your training in permanent makeup.

Whether you need a procedure done or are searching to become a certified professional, we can guarantee that we have the best products and services in the business.


“After the permanent cosmetics training, all cosmetic technicians explore the equipment available to them until they find a tattoo machine and power supply that they are comfortable with. In addition, he or she needs to be comfortable with anesthetics that are reliable and marketing materials that bring affordable results. The most important, but elusive element in this process is pigment. This includes every type such as microblading pigments.

A well-trained permanent cosmetic technician quickly acquires the necessary skills to perform the most basic procedures. However, without quality permanent makeup pigments, the results are never satisfactory. Satisfied clients and attractive results can do more to ensure the success of a technician’s practice than the most skillfully crafted marketing plan. I believe in Premier Pigments because they have never let me down!”.

Pigment Safety

Allergic reactions, color absorption, pigment migration, and changes in pigment color have always been the concern of every technician. Technicians must now also be aware of the ferromagnetic properties of some permanent pigments’ ingredients, which may increase risk by exposing their clients to painful and potentially dangerous burns if they undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or a CAT scan.

Visit the Alliance for Safe Practice for more information on FDA, permanent cosmetic pigment formulations, and pigment safety.

The Truth about Iron Oxides

The iron oxide compounds typically found in inexpensive pigments are approved by the FDA for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics applied daily; but, these ingredients are inappropriate for use in permanent cosmetic applications.

The use of Iron Oxides in permanent cosmetics may only be due to its extremely low cost and its approval by the FDA for use in foods, drugs, and conventional cosmetics; allowing unscrupulous manufacturers just enough legal license to deceive the public into believing that their products are approved for use under the skin.

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