Hyaluron Pen Pro Treatment

Hyaluron Pen Pro Treatment

What is the Hyaluron Pen Pro Treatment?

The Hyaluron Pen Pro is a simplistic device that generates enough pressure to insert a highly concentrated Hyaluron Acid cocktail into the human skin using no needles! This quick and safe procedure will give you plump, luscious lips and decrease the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles dramatically! Results last 4 to 6 months! No Anaesthetics Needed! No Needles! Painless!

The Hyaluronic Acid Mixture used in this procedure is produced inside laboratories but holds the identical substance produced inside the body (Joints, eyeballs & skin), therefore virtually eliminating negative skin reactions and allergies. The main function of hyaluron inside the skin is to bind with water, therefore plumping up the area. It work together with the collagen and elastin fibres to give a youthful appearance. As we age, our natural Hyaluronic Acid (and collagen & elastin) decreases, leading to skin ageing.


More information on this treatment

The first appointment will take about 1.5hours due to consultation. Thereafter, the 1-2 follow up appointments will be 45min – 1 hour. I will quote you before doing any treatments, but to give you an idea. The Hyaluron Pen requires +-3 sessions to build up the volume in the lips.

Each session can be done 2-3 weeks apart. (Or a bit longer, one treatment every 4 weeks) R2600 for three sessions.

The needleless pen uses the same filler as normal needle method which usually lasts around 6 months but varies as we all break down filler differently. The first time you have filler it will break down quicker than any other time after that. The success of the treatment also requires layering which is why a 2nd or 3rd treatment will be needed. It uses a spring mechanism to push the filler into your lips through a hole smaller than the size of a needle hole.

Pain & Swelling

We do use a numbing cream to create a pain free experience. There is minimal swelling & minimum – no bruising with the Hyaluron Pen BUT it is possible, so please keep this in mind for any important engagements you may have coming up.

Chelyn’s Advice

The hyaluron pen enhances your natural lip shape so if you want ‘kardashian lips’ but have thin lips then the Hyaluron pen may not be for you. It can be used to even lips out / enhance your natural shape, plump lips (at least 0.5 ml is advised for lips if only the top OR bottom is being done. If you want plumper lips, over all, then 1ml is advised. I want everyone’s expectations to be realistic and most people need 1ml X2. It can also be used on smile lines, marionette lines and for full face hydration.

Hyaluron Pen Pro Treatment Bloemfontein
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